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With more than 40 years of experience, SONMAK is the biggest manufacturer of industry in Turkey and is one of the leading companies in the World, producing diamond saws used in cutting all natural stones, gang saw blades and diamond wires which are used in marble and granite quarries for cutting. In addition to these products, SONMAK which also manufactures concrete / asphalt and refractory saws and core drills for construction companies working at home and abroad, responds to all kinds of needs with special productions which are made according to customer’s requests.

PRODUCTSThe fast , perfect clean cut.

Circular Blades

Informations about circular blades.

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Diamond Wires

Informations about diamond wires.

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Gangsaw Blades

Informations about gangsaw blades.

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Core Drills

Informations about Core Drills.

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Concrete & Asphalt Blades

Informations about Concrete and Asphalt Blades

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Grinders – Profile Wheels – Calibrators

Informations about Grinders – Profile Wheels – Calibrators.

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Electroplated & Custom Made Products

Informations about Electroplated & Custom Made.

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Accessories - By-Products

Informations about Accessories – By-Products.

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