With more than 40 years of experience, SONMAK is the biggest manufacturer of industry in Turkey and is one of the leading companies in the World, producing diamond saws used in cutting all natural stones, gang saw blades and diamond wires which are used in marble and granite quarries for cutting. In addition to these products, SONMAK which also manufactures concrete / asphalt and refractory saws and core drills for construction companies working at home and abroad, responds to all kinds of needs with special productions which are made according to customer’s requests.

Our company that was established in 1975 in Ankara Büyük Sanayi was moved to its new facility in 2017. SONMAK which makes production in 5000 square meter with its experienced and expert stuff, have ISO 9001 and Eurostandards certificate. In addition to following all the technologies related to its work, the quality of its products improve every day with the research and development studies. SONMAK, which manufactures with the latest products of high technology, is the leader company of the industry with the machine park which is continuously renewed.

SONMAK will continue to serve our country’s economy as a strong player in the international arena with its export figures and customer satisfaction oriented policy.

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