Grinders - Profile Wheels - Calibrators

Sonmak grinders used for the abrasion and processing of marble plates are produced with zero error. All the brazed grinders are controlled in our computer controlled balancing test machine.
Our specialized production team decides for the appropriate segment and diamond sizes for your stone.


SONMAK profiles, designed based on customer needs, can be successfully used in making the side design of all natural stones. SONMAK profiles are manufactured in two forms: sintered and electrolyzed, depending on customer use.

SONMAK’s distinction in this area is that, it can manufacture all types and designs of profiles meeting the customers demand, whatever it may be. SONMAK develops technical drawings based on the customer’s request. Once these drawings are approved, the manufacturing of the profiles is carried out.

SONMAK calibrators manufactured using advanced and up-to-date technologies are used in smoothing the front, side and bevel of all natural and synthetic stones. Diamond calibrators manufactured in various dimensions are successfully being used by leading marble, granite and ceramic factories.

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