Gingsaw Blades

Gingsaw BladesSONMAK


Cutting Deviations
Check verticality of the blades.
Check parallelism of the blades to stroke direction
Check deflection of the blades
Check tension of the blades
Check condition of the segments
Sharpen blades
Increase down feed
Check amount of water
Chatter Marks
Check deflection of blades, possibly increase
Check tension of the blades
Increase down feed slightly, especially when starting with new blades
Segment-spacing (change graduation)
Excessive Wear at One End of the Blade
Check horizontal fixing of the blades
Excessive Wear at Both Ends of the Blade
Increase deflection
Increase segmented length or reduce block lengths
Excessive Wear at the Centre of the Blade
Reduce deflection
Choose smaller segment-spacing or use longer blocks
Increase water supply
Insufficient Output
Increase water supply
Use longer blocks
Choose smaller segment-spacing
Damaging machine vibrations (contact machine manufacturer)
Check fixing of the block