Highway Grinding BladesHighway Grinding Blades

Highway Grinding Blades
Highway Grinding Blades
Highway Grinding Blades

Highway Grinding Blades

✔Sonmak has the latest technology to provide you top quality grooving as well as grinding blades for roads, asphalts, sidewalks and cattle ranches
✔We can provide blades from 0.125” thick segments to 1.0” thick segments to suit your needs. We are familiar with all commercially available grinding and growing machines in the market place
✔We manufacture thicker segments in the sandwich design to assure no gage loss. Our segments are designed and built using the latest technology presses and have 5/8” (16mm) segment height.
✔We use the highest quality diamond with custom engineered bond system to suit to your machines and aggregate type to provide you the most for your money. Please consider SONMAK DIAMOND TOOLS on your next road grinding job. We provide blades for the following machines.
Item Number Description
PC6004EC Diamond Products highway grinding
PC4504 Diamond Products bump grinder
TBG134C Diamond Products bridge deck groover
PC1500 Pavement grinder / groover
CG-1 / CG-2 Diamond Products Mini Groover – Grinder
PGM0800 Target Grooving machine for tight spots
PGM1400 Target Grooving Highways, bridge decks, industrial plant floors, parking lots, etc.
PGM3000 Target Grooving of bridges and runways
PGM3600 Target Grooving airport runways and highways
PRM3804 Target Highway griding
CG65 Target Groover: Loading docks, swimming pools, ramps, cow pens grooving